Students' Research

Until 2012, the Master of Divinity and Master of Theological Studies curriculum required students to undertake a Research Project in the final year of their program. The following is a list of completed projects


Austin, Gerald
Toward an Old Testament apology Wesleyan hermeneutics: implications of a Hebraic ontology for the doctrine of Christian perfection

Bogda, Carl L.
Spiritual warfare: a Lutheran perspective

Heinbuch, Jim
Fundamentalism as critqued by Luther's theology of the cross

Heselton, Gordon A. G.
Christian financial planning: a model for teaching stewardship

Keller, Kenneth L.
Lay ministers: an alternative for staffing small congregations

Kim, Kwang Soo
A Biblical model of ethnic mission for today: Korean Christianity in Canada

Lewis, R. Allen
Pastoral care and the rightful celebrant

Siegle, Darren J.
Worship's relation to evangelism


Berg, Charles Maxwell
Jewish evangelism and church relations: Christianity is Jewish

Damkar, Eleanor Ione
Training leadership for small groups

Dressler, David D.
The spiritual growth of children: the role of parents and the church

Dudiak, Alexander E.
Effective harvesters in the Edmonton Area: a study on church growth

Rosnau, Bryan L.
Dreams and interpretation


Amison, Brian
Biblical images of the female: a study of Deborah in Judges 4-5

Haberstock, Keith T.
Confirmation instruction: part of lifelong Christian education

Kihn, David A.
The rock of Deuteronomy 32: base element or divine symbol

Kruesel, Thomas R.
Pastoral counselling: a Lutheran critique of Jay E. Adams

Lobitz, Mark
Christian self-love

Mohns, Robert E.
New Testament perspectives for welfare ministry: a selective exegetical and historical review

Simonik, Stanley
The role of Shechem in early Israelite history

Tietjen, John H.
Memoirs in exile: confessional hope and institutional conflict

Wangerin, Timothy P.
Confessing the Holy Spirit in the Church


Kahle, Andreas E.
Limitations of confidentiality in pastoral ministry

Koenig, Jefery W.
Simul iustus et peccator: a paradigm for understanding sanctification

Pagel, Peter
Complacency in Lutheran Church-Canada

Reisdorf, Keith H.
How can Concordia College maximize its recruitment potential of full-time church work professionals in light of its historical development

Ruf, Mark D.
Function of petition in the Lutheran tradition of prayer

Syens, Ronald W.
Role of individual spontaneous prayer in the corporate prayers of public worship

Tufts, Craig J.
Divine mutability and human impenitence in I Samuel 15


Albert, Fred R.
Ministry to the terminally ill: a Lutheran approach

Daubendiek, Carrol
Lutheran mission approaches to native American people

Kubke, Ronald F.
Revelation 20:3-6 and the millennial debate

Neimenen, John R. K.
Atonement limited or universal


Stewart, Ward C.
The poor Matthew: spiritual or more

Wood, Barry D.
The origin and function of the sin offering


Krebs, Marvin D.
Toward a Biblical view of anthropology: "spirit" and "soul" nature or function

Solie, Daryl M.
The homogeneous unit principle and the unity of the church