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2021 Fall Quest

Spiritual Warfare: from Bible Times to Today

by Rev. Dr. John Hellwege, Associate Professor of Historical Theology

October 19, 26, November 2, and November 9, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. (Mountain Time)

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  • Session 1 (October 19) – The Spiritual Forces. What does the Bible tell us about the Spiritual Forces, and what role does humanity play in the struggle? The first half of this week will focus on who are the different forces at play including God, the Devil, angels and demons. The second half will look at how humanity has been embroiled in this battle since creation and where we fit in.

  • Session 2 (October 26)– Spiritual Warfare in the Bible. The Bible shows an ongoing battle between good and evil, between God’s gracious creation and salvation and Satan’s continual attempts to undo God’s work. This week we will work our way through many of the key events of the Bible, focusing on the Old Testament in the first half and the New Testament in the second half.

  • Session 3 (November 2) – Every Christian’s Battle. It is easy for us to overlook the ways that every Christian is daily involved in the spiritual battle. There is a reason we call the Church in this world the Church Militant. This session will be a panel discussion with Revs. Jeff Dul and Vince Moore addressing: first the various attacks that Satan uses, and then the tools that God gives to us to engage in this daily battle.

  • Session 4 (November 9) – The Extreme Cases. In the Bible we read of demon possessions. Likewise, some horror movies depict wild scenes of exorcisms, but what is the truth? Do demonic possessions happen today? What about demonic oppression? What is a Christian or even a pastor to do when faced with a more extreme form of demonic activity? This session will be a panel discussion with Revs. Jeff Dul and Vince Moore examining what this is all about and how we can find God’s deliverance even in the most extreme situations.

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