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2023 Fall Quest

Lutheran Spirituality

By Rev. Dr. Richard Beinert (St. James Lutheran, Winnipeg)

session 4 pt1: November 14th 7 p.m. session 4 pt2: 8 p.m.

Session 4 pt 1: Putting the Pieces Together: Practices and Disciplines

session 4 pt 2: So, Where do we go from here? A Spirituality of Everyday Life

Session 3 pt 1: Looking Up! That 'Sacramental' Thing

session 3 pt 2: Looking Out! Living Faith through our Vocations

Session 2 pt 1: Unraveling ‘Subjectivity’ in the School of the Holy Spirit 

session 2 pt 2: Grappling with Distractions 

Session 1 pt1: Prayer (oratio), Meditation (meditatio), and Trials (tentatio) 

Session 1 pt2: Meditatio(n) in a Mindfulness World 

LCC Seminaries sunday 2021-2022

I will give you shepherds after My own heart (Jeremiah 3:15)

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