Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies

Graduate Certificate in Theological Studies

The GCTS is awarded after successful completion of 24 credits in the Open Studies program. A minimum of 18 credits must be completed through CLS (either through residential study or distance education); up to 6 credits may be earned through other seminaries' programs and transferred to CLS. Courses must be completed in at least three of the four theological disciplines (Exegetical, Systematic, Historical, and Practical). The GCTS can be completed in one year, or up to eight years, and can serve as a bridge between Open Studies and a Master’s degree program at CLS or another ATS-accredited seminary. Contact the Registrar for program planning advice.

Graduate Certificates in Theological Studies are awarded at the first Sacred Convocation following the semester in which the requirements are completed.

Open Studies

The Open Studies Program provides learning opportunities for those who do not wish to enter a seminary degree program, or do not qualify for a seminary degree program for non-academic reasons. Open Studies students are permitted to register in credit courses, but are not admitted to a program leading to a degree or diploma.

Though credits taken while admitted to the Open Studies program may be counted toward a subsequent degree program, Open Studies students are not considered to be on the ‘ordination track’ in LCC. Students whose ultimate goal is to obtain a degree are encouraged to contact the seminary Registrar or an advisor at the appropriate institution for detailed program advice.

The selection of courses available to Open Studies students includes courses in all disciplines. Check the course listings for courses with enrolment limitations. All students must meet all prerequisites (including biblical languages for exegetical courses).

Open Studies students are subject to the Academic Probation Policy.