Concordia Lutheran seminary Library

The CLS library contains approximately 20,000 books, 100 journals, and a number of videos, CDs, and DVDs. We also offer access to electronic databases.

Our library provides works in all area of theology related to the text tradition of Lutheranism, and significant works from other traditions, both current and historically significant, a minor focus in the history of Lutheranism, especially in western Canada.

In addition to the main collection, we offer two special collections: Parish materials (used for congregational ministry) and foreign-language materials (especially German, in support of the text tradition of Lutheranism)

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The Alberta Library(TAL) is a provincial-wide consortium of 48 member libraries in more than 300 locations accross Alberta. Through CLS's association with TAL, our library card-holders have access to more than 20 licensed database resources.

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NEOS is a central Alberta library consortium which has collaborated to create and maintain a shared online catalogue, as well as provide user services to its clients. Through NEOS our library card-holders enjoy access to collections, reference assistance, interlibrary loan privileges and a document delivery service

COVID-19 CLS library Service update

We continue to look for ways to serve our community around us. If you are a member of the CLS community and would like to access the library resources, please contact Anna Yang at to inquire about checking out resources.

To those of the general public, the library remains closed. We continue to look to provide the best service we can while still protecting our faculty, staff, students, and you, the general public, from the effects of COVID-19. We ask for your continued prayers that the library and seminary may soon open their doors again for those outside of the seminary community.