Concordia Lutheran Seminary


A graduate school, as any university, builds on a triangular basis: Teaching, Research and Extension.

Teaching is the traditional and necessary instrument for any formation, and follows widely recognized academic criteria. Extension is the activity of reaching out to the community, through continuing education programs, lecture series, special events, and certification. It unites teaching and research to enrich the wider community, offering formation for lay persons and professionals in various areas of theological education.

Research is the investigatory activity which seeks to solve questions and problems in every field, and works toward knowledge building and sharing. CLS encourages the professors’ research and publication activities, by providing weekly time for this special work, and by receiving and approving the professors’ yearly research projects submitted to the institution. Students are encouraged to participate at the research activities with their professor.

At the end of the academic year 2007/08 CLS will promote its first Concordia Research Forum where professors and students may share with the wider community the results of their investigation.

The Lutheran Theological Review (LTR) is the official academic journal from CLS and its sister seminary in Saint Catherine’s, Concordia Lutheran Theological Seminary (CLTS). LTR is currently being indexed.

2007-08 Research Projects:

Dr. Stephen Chambers:

Martin Luther as Pastor (Publishing of lecture given at Opening Retreat 2007)

The Early Christian Community at Hippos, Israel (Archaeology in Israel with subsequent publishing)

The Synoptic Problem: A contemporary Lutheran Perspective (For publishing an article in Canada or other country)

Dr. Edward Kettner:

Anthropology and Sin – new volume of the Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics

Prof. Jonathan Kraemer:

The Torah of the Lord in living a life of faithfulness, in spite of one’s struggle with sin and persecution (Part of Ph.D. research at Concordia Seminary, Saint Louis, MO)