Concordia Lutheran Seminary

Courses offered during the 2018-2019 Academic Year:

Short Term 1 (September 4-14)

PRX 100         Ministering in Context, Dr. James Gimbel

PRX 240       Christian Care and Counselling, Dr. Colleen Hammermaster

Semester 1 (September 17-19)

BL-092        New Testament Greek 1 , Prof. Alex Marque

EXE 100        Introduction to the Study of Scripture, Dr. Stephen Chambers

EXE 270        Beyond Jesus and Paul , Prof. Jennifer Frim

HIS 251        The Lutheran Church in North America , Dr. John Hellwege

PRX 101         Pastor: Person and Work, Dr. John Hellwege

PRX 110       Worship 1, Dr. Stephen Chambers

PRX 160         Lectionary Seminar 1, Prof. Jonathan Kraemer

PRX 260         Lectionary Seminar 3, Prof. Jonathan Kraemer

PRX 400         Pastoral Ministry Seminar, Dr. Stephen Chambers

PRX 460       Lectionary Seminar 5, Prof. Jonathan Kraemer

SYS 100        Theological Method, Dr. John Hellwege

SYS 440          Church, Sacraments, and Hope, Rev. James Heinbuch

Short Term 2 (January 7-18)

PRX 120         Communicating the Gospel, Dr. Stephen Chambers

      Free elective

Semester 2 (January 21-May 1)

BL-093         New Testament Greek 2 , Prof. Alex Marque

EXE 220       The Prophets, Prof. Jennifer Frim

EXE 250        Jesus and the Gospels, Dr. Stephen Chambers

PRX 121       Preaching 1, Dr. Stephen Chambers

PRX 161         Lectionary Seminar 2, Prof. Alex Marque

PRX 230       Teaching the Faith, Dr. James Gimbel

PRX 255       Theology of Missions and Evangelism , Prof. Alex Marque

PRX 261       Lectionary Seminar 4, Prof. Alex Marque

PRX 461       Lectionary Seminar 6, Prof. Alex Marque

SYS 110          God, Creation, and Anthropology, Dr. John Hellwege

SYS 220        Christ and Salvation , Dr. John Hellwege

Summer Term 1 (May 6-17)

PRX 251       Christianity and World Religions , Prof. Alex Marque