Concordia Lutheran Seminary


Glenn E. Schaeffer, B.A., M.Div., Ph.D., adjunct,
(Practical Theology)Glenn E. Schaeffer

Born in Kitchener, ON, 1961.  Baptized June 18, 1961 at Redeemer Lutheran Church, Waterloo; Elementary and high school in Kitchener, ON (1967-1979); Concordia College, Ann Arbor, MI (B.A. 1983); Concordia Theological Seminary,  Fort Wayne, IN (M. Div. 1986); Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN (Ph.D. 1997).  Pastor, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Cobourg, ON (1987-1993); Pastor, Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd/Loving Saviour Lutheran Church, Barrie, ON (1995-2005); Executive Assistant – Outreach, ABC District (1995-2015); President (2015-present); Guest Instructor in Nicaragua and Thailand; Presenter, Daughter Church Planting Conferences; Sessional Instructor, Concordia University College of Alberta (Fall Semester 2006); Adjunct Professor, Concordia Lutheran Seminary (2007-present).

Course taught:

PRX 255 Theology of Missions and Evangelism  

Research Interests

The Development of the House Church and the Church’s Leadership from 30-400 A.D.

Mother/Daughter Church Planting.

Theological/Missiological Formation of Laypeople and Church Workers.

The Communication of God’s Gospel Cross-Culturally


“Are You In Lifeboat No. 14?  Hospitality Evangelism and Saving the Lost”         Word and Deed: A Lutheran lay theological journal, Vol. 4, Number 2, Fall 1998, pp. 8-14.

“A Progeny of a Theological and Missiological Union: House Churches” Lutheran Theological Review. Volume IX 1996-1997, pp. 25-31.

“The Missio Dei: The Man’s ‘Hidden’ Restoration of Humankind’s Co-Regency over All Creation” Lutheran Theological Review, Volume XIII 2000-01, pp. 42-55. 

Personal Interests

Tour Host, Lutherans for Life -- Canada