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Online Extension courses

Extension courses unite teaching and research to enrich the wider community, offering formation for lay persons and professionals in various areas of theological education.

Online Extension courses are provided to offer a structured, yet flexible, learning environment for those who want to participate in seminary education, but not with the intensity of graduate level courses.

All of our online courses use the "moodle" platform which is accessed here.

Previous Online Extension Course:

The History of the Lutheran Church in Canada
(Professor Emeritus, Dr. Norman Threinen)

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An overview of the historical developments of the Lutheran Church within the Canadian context. Some broad goals of this course are:

  • to lead students to recognize the role which Lutherans have played in the history of Canada, and how living in Canada has affected how Lutherans have approached ministry in this country.
  • to lead students to become more perceptive of the consequences of their actions as they seek to serve as Canadian Lutherans.
  • to lead students to an increased appreciation for their heritage as Lutherans and for the care and protection which God has shown to His church.

The course will include readings from selected texts, written reflections on readings, and online interactions with Dr. Threinen and other students.

Beginning October 5th, 2008 and ending December 13th, 2008, the course covers 10 units over 10 weeks.

Course registration cost is $100.