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President's Message

James GimbelI’m the newest member of your Concordia Lutheran Seminary family. For nearly a dozen years, I’ve been on faculty at Concordia University, St. Paul, MN. I love teaching, but my first commitment is to God’s ministry, where the Story of God’s redeeming love intersects with real people’s lives.
I’m excited to serve as the new President of the Seminary, as a partner in the mission of Christ within the LCC, supporting the seminary’s wonderful, highly talented, deeply committed faculty and staff. The outcome is to have dedicated, well-trained, theologically adept pastors who are ministry practitioners throughout Lutheran Church–Canada. Although I believe that God has equipped me for my role and has clearly called me here, I see my faults and weaknesses and frailties far too clearly. For that reason, I absolutely love the CLS theme of the year, “Christ our Cornerstone.”
The key focus of my nearly 30 years of ministry has NOT been about me … but always about Christ our Cornerstone. I’ve read the history: the focus of nearly 30 years of ministry at Concordia Lutheran Seminary has NOT been about the President, the faculty, the staff, the students … but always, about Christ our Cornerstone. I am excited to build upon the heritage of LCC and CLS … to form and nurture those who preach nothing but Christ crucified.
If things in ministry depended upon me … or the faculty … or the staff … or the students … or the rest of the pastors and people of LCC, we would miss the mark. With Christ our Cornerstone, we are partners in the gospel of Christ that brings light and life to the world. Upon this Rock, Christ still builds His church. Thanks for your partnership serving Christ our Cornerstone, and your prayers and support.

Dr. James Gimbel